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Matthew Burbank is a professor in the Department of Political Science where he has taught undergraduate courses on American government, political parties, voting, elections, and public opinion, and graduate courses on political behavior, quantitative analysis, and research design. Professor Burbank's research focuses on how citizens understand and participate in politics as well as urban politics and public policy.

Professor Burbank has co-authored two books, Parties, Interest Groups, and Political Campaigns (2nd ed., Oxford University Press, 2012) and Olympic Dreams: The Impact of Mega-events on Local Politics (Lynne Rienner, 2001), as well as a number of journal articles and book chapters. His research has been published in journals such as the Journal of Urban Affairs, Political Behavior, Political Geography, Review of Policy Research, Social Science and Medicine, Social Science Quarterly, Urban Affairs Review, and Urban Geography. His most recent research is on the nature of resistance to Olympic bids in American cities. 

Professor Burbank earned his BA in political science from the University of Montana, his MS in political science from the University of Utah, and his PhD in political science from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. In addition to research and teaching, Professor Burbank has served as graduate director, undergraduate director, and chair of the Department of Political Science. Professor Burbank currently serves as the University of Utah's official representative for the Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) and has served as a reviewer for the Fulbright Award program, the National Science Foundation, and the Economic and Social Research Council in the UK.

More details can be found at Dr. Burbank's faculty page

Last Updated: 3/12/21