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Student Ambassadors

The College of Social & Behavioral Science (CSBS) Ambassador program is a diverse group of individuals who are passionate about their studies in CSBS and want to share that passion by connecting with prospective and current students, alumni and donors both in person and through social media. Ambassadors attend and help with campus projects to spread the word about majors and opportunities in CSBS.

Earn a scholarship for working with CSBS!
Scholarship of $500 for Fall semester and $500 for Spring semester toward tuition based on experiential learning. Additional funding available for ambassadors who also help during the summer semester (optional).

#bethesolution and Be an Ambassador!

  • Must be a degree-seeking undergraduate student
  • Must be registered for courses (full or part-time) in Fall and Spring semester (students graduating in fall semester are not eligible - must have a full year left)
  • Must be in good academic and disciplinary standards with the University of Utah
  • Be a declared major in the College of Social & Behavioral Science

Time Commitment

  • Required minimum 60 hours for Fall semester and 60 hours for spring semester
  • Time commitment is dictated by events during the Fall and Spring semesters (evening and weekend events expected as well)
  • New Student Orientations during June and July provides an additional scholarship towards tuition (optional)

CSBS Ambassador Team Meetings

  • One hour twice per month

Fall Semester Retreat

  • Saturday before the 1st week of school for the fall semester

Spring Semester Social

  • Near end of Spring semester (based on schedule)


  • Representing the University of Utah and the College of Social & Behavioral Science (CSBS) at recruitment and campus events
  • Planning, promoting and increasing involvement in student events and opportunities
  • Providing feedback on university, college and department initiatives
  • Participating in occasional photo shoots for promotional materials for the College of Social & Behavioral Science
  • Information sharing with prospective students and parents (in person and through email and social media) relating to the University of Utah and the College of Social & Behavioral Science's academic programs, faculty, physical facilities, social opportunities and student services
  • Attending required monthly meetings
  • Using CSBS social media by taking pictures, using Instagram and Facebook stories and contributing to posts in order to share information widely
  • Attending special alumni events such as: dean’s distinguished speaker series, scholarship receptions and award ceremonies
  • Meeting with alumni and donors to help secure gifts that support student scholarships
  • Overall, demonstrating sincerity, enthusiasm, credibility, interested and helpfulness in all aspects of the Student Ambassador position

Questions? Contact the program coordinator, Ally Marringa, at  


Meet our 2020-2021 Ambassadors




olivia kavapalu

Class of 2022

Majors: International Studies - Emphasis in Global Health; Health, Society & Policy

Minors: Sociology, Economics

Hometown: Taylorsville, UT

Fun Fact: I am a die-hard Beyonce fan. From Dreamgirls to Everything is Love, her powerful work constantly captures my heart.

What inspires you to #bethesolution?As Starr Carter from Angie Thomas' "The Hate U Give", articulately puts it, “What’s the point of having a voice if you’re gonna be silent in those moments you shouldn’t be?” With an ability to speak up and dismantle oppressive systems, I choose to #bethesolution because the moment we decide to silence ourselves is the same moment where we surrender. #Bethesolution means more than speaking out against instances of injustice and strife. It asks individuals to sacrifice their complacency and use their privilege for good. #Bethesolution is the conscious decision to evolve; to grow; to move.




sanila math

Class of 2022

Majors: Honors Degree in Anthropology with emphasis in Health

Minors: Integrative Human Biology

Hometown: South Jordan, UT

Fun Fact: I like dipping my grilled cheese in mayo.

What inspires you to #bethesolution?:  Being able to provide the same opportunities I have to other people who may not be as privileged as I am (all thanks to my parents!)

Haddy Bah

Haddy Bah

Class of 2022

Majors: Anthropology - Health Emphasis,

Minor: Nutrition

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Fun Fact: I was born in The Gambia, and I can speak 3 languages!

What inspires you to #bethesolution?I find myself being inspired to #bethesolution when I see young leaders take the initiative to speak out against injustice especially when it pertains to minorities and underserved populations.  My goal is to be one of those voices and have a lifelong career helping others through better health practice as both a General Medical Practitioner and a leader in the field of Public Health as it pertains to underserved populations.  I strongly believe that global public health is a critical topic that should be addressed because it not only addresses a person’s health needs but environmental, educational and financial needs to obtain health equity for all.

elijah dow

Elijah Dow

Class of 2021

Major: Political Science - Emphasis Law and Politics, Sociology

Hometown: Sandy, UT

Fun Fact: I can count to 100 without help!

What inspires you to #bethesolution?I am inspired to #bethesolution because there are too many problems in the world to just be a bystander. I want to #bethesolution for those that need representation and for those that need our help the most. Most of all, I want to #bethesolution to make the world a better place for all.


odalis garcia

Odalis Garcia

Class of 2022

Major: Psychology, Sociology, Criminology

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Fun FactIf I could be anywhere in the world, I would be in Mexico listening to my grandpa tell stories about his life while I eat some homemade beans and cheese with handmade tortillas.

What inspires you to #bethesolution?From a young age, I have always been in settings where individuals like myself are underrepresented. Being a first-generation woman of color, I am inspired to #bethesolution because I want to be a voice for these individuals. I believe that having various perspectives when tackling a problem is essential to finding a solution. This is especially true when these issues affect us all- some more than others. It is important to me that everyone feels heard and represented in a space where it is necessary for people to come together to create change.


hannah Lisonbee

Hannah Lisonbee

Class of 2021

Major: Family, Community and Human Development

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Fun FactIf I had to pick one tv show to watch for the rest of my life it would be Friends.

What inspires you to #bethesolution?I have always enjoyed helping and doing what I can for others - it is this value which brought me to pursue Family, Community and Human Development & Criminology within the college. By being an ambassador, I want to be able to help students understand the wide variety of disciplines of study, showcase the college’s amazing people, and demonstrate how this college is on the forefront of educating tomorrow’s leaders and global citizens as well as helping to inform others about the college. CSBS students and faculty will #bethesolution.


Thandiwe Msiska

Thandi Msiska

Class of 2023

Majors: Mechanical Engineering (Aerospace Emphasis); Health, Society, & Policy

HometownSouth Jordan, UT (Indiana Hoosier at heart though!)

Fun Fact: I am allergic to avocados :(

What inspires you to #bethesolution?:  Michael, Eric, Philando, Tamir, Rekia, Alton, Patrick, Laquan, Walter, Sandra, Trayvon, Patrick, Eric Logan, Botham, Atatiana, Freddie, Pamela, Jamela, Julius, Lorenzo, Maurice, Johnathan, Danny, Stephon, Jordan, Alfred, Keith, Terence, Akiel, Gregory, Quintonio, DeJuan, Mario, Jamar, Christian, Samuel, Brendon, & Walter


Angela Pham

Angela Pham

Class of 2022

Majors: Psychology and Gender Studies

Minor: Ethnic Studies

Certificate: SUDC

Hometown: West Valley City, UT

Fun Fact: I am superbly good at tetherball, don't test me. 

What inspires you to #bethesolution?What inspires me to #BeTheSolution is being a person of color in a state that's as renowned for it's white snow as it is for its snow white population. There are certain disparities that people of color face in this state and you can see that simply by looking at the research available in treating mental health in people of color and the disparity in trauma related mental health for womxn and LGBTQ folx. The research and treatment mechanisms in place for mental health strongly revolve around privileged, white, male, and upper-class perspectives and doesn't reflect or serve the greater population. I want to #BeTheSolution to combat this disparity and bring reform to a field that has consistently overlooked those who need it the most.

zahra saifee

Zahra Saifee

Class of 2022

Majors: Environmental and Sustainability Studies, Climate and Energy emphasis / Communications, Health

Hometown: St. George, UT

Fun Fact: I've been doing ceramics for 10 years!

What inspires you to #bethesolution?I am constantly inspired by my peers and professors. They bring passion, hard work, and creativity to what they study and teach. It makes me confident that a more just and equitable future is within our grasp. We as a collective can #bethesolution and create ripples of change.

diana ye

Diana Ye

Class of 2021

Majors: Economics with an emphasis in Statistical Analysis; Psychology

Hometown: Logan, UT

Fun Fact: I waddle when I get excited. 

What inspires you to #bethesolution?Experiencing some low lows taught me what it means to appreciate what we have and how to overcome some of life's obstacles.  I don't want people to struggle from things that could've been preventable which is why I want to #bethesolution for them.  My goal is to use the experiences I've gathered to guide others to become solutions of their own.

Taylor York

Taylor York

Class of 2021

Majors: Criminology, Political Science, International Studies | Emphasis: International relations (Foreign Relations/ Security emphasis) 

Minor: Sociology

Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA

Fun FactI absolutely love to dance, and have been a dancer since I was 3 years old.

What inspires you to #bethesolution?Being given the chance to change our societal norms, so that we may continue to improve and grow for the future. With an ability to speak up, I choose to #bethesolution and work to break up oppressive systems in our country. I hope to be a voice for those who feel that they cannot speak up in our criminal justice system. My goal is to effect change to improve our justice system as a whole.

Colby Young

Colby Young

Class of 2021

Majors: Economics

Certificates: International Relations

Hometown: West Valley City, UT

Fun FactI love travelling the world with my friends and family.

What inspires you to #bethesolution?I believe that equity is the primary objective of a society, and that we (as a developed society) should push to provide equity to all groups. I believe that an important step in moving towards a more equitable society is promoting interdisciplinary education, where people learn a multitude of different ways of thinking about the world. This is why I am studying economics and international relations, so that I can one day promote a restructuring of the world economy and financial system to give every person in the world a chance to #bethesolution in their own time.

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