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What is the Solutions Scholars?

This program admits a cohort of approximately 20 students each fall. These scholars are committed to addressing key challenges facing our world like immigration, inequities facing women, climate change, poverty, human rights, the obesity crisis and more. Course instruction together with experiential learning, research and internship experiences help develop the skills needed to be the solution to the most pressing issues of our day.

Each Solutions Scholar is supported with a $4,000 scholarship disbursed over two years.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Freshmen (30+ credit hours by summer 2020) who have declared a major in the College of Social and Behavioral Science (CSBS)
  • Sophomores (60+ credit hours by summer 2020) who have declared a major in CSBS
  • Admitted transfer students with 30+ credit hours who will be entering the University of Utah in fall 2020 with a declared major in CSBS

Whether a freshman, sophomore or transfer student, all must have met the following requirements. 

  • Successful completion of Math 1030 (or higher) by the end of spring 2020
  • Successful completion of Writing 2010 by the end of spring 2020
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (freshman minimum high school GPA 3.5)

How to Apply

Gather the following materials and then click the button below:

    • Write two short essays:
      - Tell us why you would make a good fit for the Solutions Scholars program (300 words or less)
      - Please address one of the key challenges that faces our social and natural world that interests you and    how it relates to your declared major. (500 words or less)
    • The name and email address of one of your instructors who has agreed to serve as a reference for your application. (Freshmen may ask a high school instructor to serve as a reference if you don’t know a university instructor well enough to ask.)
    • Information about declared your major(s), minor(s), and emphases
    • An unofficial transcript

Applications open December 1, 2019 and close February 7, 2020
Please direct questions regarding the program or application process to

 The Timeline


What does the Solutions Scholars program look like for accepted students?

Throughout the two year program, you will be expected to 

  • maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • remain consecutively enrolled full time in fall and spring semesters (summer optional)
  • have a declared major in the College of Social and Behavioral Science

MARCH 2020

  • Meet with Solutions Scholars advisor to map out your fall 2020 semester courses prior to registration

August 2020

  • Attend orientation for Solutions Scholar students prior to the beginning of fall 2020 classes

Fall 2020

  • Enroll in the Solutions Scholars required core course (topics vary by year)
  • Enroll in the SBS Careers course or your departmental careers course (if you haven’t already completed one of the careers courses) 
  • Meet with Solutions Scholars advisor prior to registering for spring 2021

Spring 2021

  • Enroll in major statistics or research methods course (unless both are already completed)
  • Enroll in .5 credit hour "research exploration" course where you learn about research opportunities for your second year in the program
  • Meet with Solutions Scholars advisor prior to registering for fall 2021
  • Attend a UROP application workshop and apply for UROP funding for summer 2021 and/or fall 2021

Fall 2021

  • Enroll in research experience course that deepens your knowledge of a particular issue and possible solutions
  • Enroll in .5 credit hour “internship exploration” course where you learn about internship opportunities
  • Meet with internship coordinator to line up internship course
  • Meet with Solutions Scholar advisor prior to registering for spring 2022 courses

Spring 2022

  • Enroll in your chosen internship course
  • Continue to work on research with your faculty mentor
  • Present your research findings at CSBS Research Day
  • Attend the CSBS Convocation for special recognition the year that you graduate 
Last Updated: 7/22/20