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Our CSBS Dean's Office offers a wheelhouse of expertise in events. Check out our resources below to see how our team can help your program or department.

What We Do

Planning an event? We can help with that! From logistics and catering to designing marketing materials and working with community partners, we can bring your event to the next level.

Event Requests

Planning events involves a lot of moving parts. The following timelines for event requests are useful in making sure we have enough time to prepare everything before the deadline.

To help us plan accordingly, please fill out the event request form below. Once our event consultants receive your request form, they will assign a lead representative who will contact you to set up a meeting to discuss next steps.

Event Planning

Planning:  Best practice to begin planning an event is 8-12 weeks prior to your event. If our office will be hosting/sponsoring your event, we prefer requests be submitted 12 weeks prior. This will allow us time to assign a lead representative and begin coordinating our team as necessary. This is especially true if print pieces are involved; print requests made less than 4 weeks in advance cannot be accommodated.

Deans' Participation: If you would like the CSBS Deans to participate in your event, please submit your request at least 4 weeks prior to the event. All requests are subject to approval.  You may submit these requests directly to Mary Wong at

Design and Collateral

Print Pieces: When it comes to print pieces, the sooner we get the request, the better. Because print pieces require extra time (including design, printing, and mailing), the designers must have content in-hand 8-9 weeks (if a save-the-date is required) or 6-8 weeks (if a save-the-date is not required) prior to your event.

Best practices for print pieces (when applicable) are as follows:

  • Posters/Flyers: at least 4 weeks prior to event
  • Save-the-Dates in the mail: 6-8 weeks prior to event
  • Invitations in the mail: 4 weeks prior to event, with a call for RSVP at least 1 week prior to event

Emails: Requests for emails (including design) must be submitted at least 3 weeks before the date you wish the email sent during summer and early fall. Requests during late fall through spring should be submitted 4 weeks before the date you wish the email to account for increased volume of requests received by the CSBS Dean's Office.

Webpages: Please let your lead representative know if you would like to have a webpage associated with your event. An individual meeting with the designers will be required. 

Please note that these timelines are subject to the bandwidth and availability of the CSBS Dean's Office. We will try our best to adhere to these deadlines, but in some situations may not be able to.

Event Request Form

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Our Events Team

Lead Representative

Nicole Flores
Administrative Program Coordinator


Emily Jacoby
Marketing & Communications Manager
Mary Wong
Executive Assistant


Alexia Adair
Web Designer
Emily Jacoby
Marketing & Communications Manager
Last Updated: 9/11/19