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Superior Teaching Award Nomination 2019

Please submit your nominations for the 2018-19 Social and Behavioral Science Superior Teaching Award. This award recognizes the efforts of faculty (either tenure-track or career-line) who have consistently made significant contributions to the teaching mission of the College.


The College strongly encourages nominations from current or former students.

Nominated faculty members must have 50% or more of their primary appointment in CSBS and have been part of the teaching faculty for at least two years. Individuals nominated at the senior level should have demonstrated a long-term, multi-faceted commitment to the teaching mission of the college.

Nominated faculty members will subsequently be asked to provide additional materials in support of their nomination (e.g., a teaching philosophy statement, teaching evaluations).

Finalists’ nomination materials from 2017-18 will be carried forward for up to three years with no requirement to be re-nominated.


Letters of nomination will be accepted until Friday, February 1, 2019. Nomination letters should be emailed to Mary Wong ( in the CSBS Dean’s Office.

NOTE: The awards will be presented at the Faculty & Staff Awards Reception.  The date for this event has not yet been determined.

Referring to the Criteria for Nominations, please respond to the following questions. Where possible provide specific examples that clearly demonstrate how the nominee’s actions and attitude reflect the criteria. If you require additional space, please attach no more than one single-sided sheet. In addition, letters of support are encouraged.

Nominee Information
Indicates a required input.
  1. (u0123456)
  2. (xxx-xxx-xxxx)
  3. Select Award Category
Letter of Nomination

Letters of nomination should address one or more of the following instructor attributes:

  • Effectiveness of motivating student learning
  • Incorporation of innovative teaching methods
  • Contributions to the educational process outside of the classroom
  • Concern for students and their wider education
Nominator's Information
  1. (xxx-xxx-xxxx)
  2. Please note that submissions from this form will be confirmed with the person originating the form.
Last Updated: 10/3/18