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Staff Excellence Award Nomination

The College of Social and Behavioral Science is pleased to announce the call for submissions for the CSBS Staff Excellence Award. This prestigious award program is to recognize superior service and ongoing contributions by the College’s full-time staff. This award will include $1000 and a plaque, with recognition at Convocation and the annual College Awards event.

Awards will be given in the following categories:

  • Less than three years of service
  • More than three years of service

Nominators should check with their department payroll reporters to obtain employee UNID, date of full time hire, and job title for the nominee (or contact Dennis Bryant in the Deans’ Office, who can also assist you with this information).

Please evaluate your nominee carefully, referring to the “Criteria for Nominations”, and select someone truly deserving of this important college recognition.

Faculty, Associate Director level staff and above (defined by HR as administration), and part-time hourly staff are not eligible for this award.

Previous winners are not eligible to be nominated again.

Kyla Welch (Anthropology)


Sandy Hiskey (Political Science)

Angie Midgley (Sociology)

Jenny Stout (Family and Consumer Studies)

Ashley Johnson (Family and Consumer Studies)

Cindy White (Psychology)

Dennis Laros (Psychology)

Shelley Kruger (CPPA)

Lisa Clayton (Geography)

Criteria for Nominations

Nominees must

  • be current full time (.75 FTE or greater) staff employees
  • be in good standing
  • have completed their 6-month probationary period

A successful candidate demonstrates the following:

  • Proficiency
  • Initiative
  • Skills in dealing with people
  • Dependability
  • Creativity
  • Quality of work (measured against the type of work being performed)
  • Effective teamwork skills
  • Positive attitude
  • Willingness to cooperate
  • Ability to relate to others (colleagues and students) in a manner that reflects well upon the College
  • Ongoing desire for improvement
  • Knowledge and understanding of the College and its functions
  • Establishment and maintenance of effective working relationships/communication with co-workers, leadership, and internal/external customers
  • Contribution to the mission of the College and benefits the College Community

Nominations are to be made through the form below no later than 5:00 PM on Friday, February 26, 2021.

NOTE: Award(s) will given at the Faculty & Staff Awards Reception. Date TBD.


Referring to the Criteria for Nominations, please respond to the following questions. Where possible provide specific examples that clearly demonstrate how the nominee’s actions and attitude reflect the criteria. If you require additional space, please attach no more than one single-sided sheet. In addition, letters of support are encouraged.

Nominee Information
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  3. Select Award Category
Nomination Information
Nominator's Information
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  2. Please note that submissions from this form will be confirmed with the person originating the form.
Last Updated: 8/27/20