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Social Media and Suicide Prevention

AnnaBelle O. Bryan, National Center for Veterans Studies director of education and outreach, traveled to the Pentagon last month to present her research on how social media can help identify individuals at risk for suicide.

Will Iowa Be the First State to Ban Cellphones While Driving?

Research about distracted driving and hands-free cellphone use done by psychology professor David Strayer may help push the state of Iowa to fully ban cellphone use while driving.

Workshop Empowers Survivors of Sexual Violence Through Love Letters

Environmental and sustainability studies student and President of the Students for Choice group Kiman Kaur talks about the keynote for this year's Sex Week to raise student awareness of safe sex.

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Raymond Uno

Raymond Uno

Raymond Uno earned four degrees from the University of Utah – a bachelor's in political science in 1955; a bachelor's of laws in '58; a master's of social work in '63; and a juris doctorate in '67. Raymond, a Japanese-American, was incarcerated with his family for three years during World War II at the Heart Mountain Wyoming Concentration Camp. Incredibly, he volunteered for military service a few years later and became a special agent in the 441st Counterintelligence Corps and was honorably discharged as a Korean War Veteran.

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  • Congratulations to Armando Solórzano!Congratulations to Armando Solórzano!

    Congratulations to Armando Solórzano for being selected as the recipient of the 2017 Distinguished Faculty Service Award!

  • Congratulations to NCVS!Congratulations to NCVS!

    Six Utah veterans will have the opportunity to participate in the R&R Program offered by the U’s National Center for Veterans Studies thanks to a grassroots charitable organization, Women Who Care.

  • Congratulations to Becky Utz!Congratulations to Becky Utz!

    Congratulations to Becky Utz, Associate Professor in Sociology, for her receipt of the University of Utah's Distinguished Teaching Award!

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