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Today's big challenges require solutions where disciplines work together to meet human needs.

By bringing a community of faculty scholars, graduate and undergraduate students, community partners and policy makers together, the College of Social and Behavioral Science is producing knowledge and training that will provide lasting solutions to the world's toughest challenges.




Our Mission


Youth in Action! East High and Tanner Center Unite!

East High students learned about the history of human rights and of the United Nations thanks to the Tanner Center for Human rights. They then participated in discussions designed to deepen their understanding of human rights around the world, locally and personally.

Air Quality Research at the U

Sara Grineski (sociology & environmental and sustainability) stated: "not everyone has the same opportunities to protect themselves in terms of where they live or work. It doesn’t matter if it is a red air quality day—landscapers (for example) have to be outside working."

'Parking lot suicides' at VA hospitals prompt calls for better training & prevention

Craig Bryan (psychology) who studies veteran suicides stated: "There are some VAs that are out of date. They are depressing. Others are stunning and new, and if you walk into one that's awe-inspiring, it gives you hope."

Recent Awardees

  • Ivan Codrina RudiInstitute for New Economic Thinking Awardees

    Congrats to Ivan Mendieta-Muñoz, Codrina Rada and Rudi von Arnim (Economics) were recently awarded a grant from the Institute for New Economic Thinking, or INET for their research “The decline of the US labor share across sectors and states: 1948-2017”.

  • ally marringaMarringa receives Excellence in Advising Award

    Congratulations to Ally Marringa, academic advising coordinator, who won the Certificate of Merit of Region 10 Excellence in Advising Award from NACADA!

  • gunseli berikBerik receives Jean Shakelford Prize

    Congratulations to Günseli Berik (economics) who was awarded this year's Jean Shakelford Prize, which celebrates an individual whose initiative, imagination, and dedication advance the goals of the IAFFE!

Alumni, Emeriti, & Friends

Douglas W. Jamison

MS Economics

Chairman & CEO
Harris and Harris Group

Ross Romero

BS Political Science

Attorney/Government Relations
Michael Best & Friedrich LLP

James Jardine

HBA Political Science

The Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce

Siegfried Karsten

MS Economics
Ph.D. Economics

Systems Analyst
Hercules Powder Company

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Last Updated: 1/25/19