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About the Council

The College of Social and Behavioral Science Staff Council is an Ad Hoc committee which advises the Dean on all staff matters. We will be focusing on staff concerns, staff development and retention and the staff role within the college.

The Council acts in an advisory capacity to the Dean. As such, the Council takes actions which are necessary to accomplish the following objectives. Responsibilities include:

  • Providing a forum for communication, soliciting and distributing information among staff, and between staff and College administration, concerning plans, programs, and issues affecting staff.
  • Representing staff when issues are considered by the College and the University.
  • Representing staff on committees, planning groups, and task forces, and in the community.
  • Considering, studying, and making recommendations to the Dean regarding procedures, policies, and other general issues and concerns.

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Council Members

Kim Peterson, Chair, Environmental & Sustainability Studies

Ashley Johnson, Family & Consumer Studies

Brittany Kiser, Anthropology

Christine Gore, Office of Research Administraion

Dennis Laros, Psychology

Lisa Clayton, Geography

Nikole Widdison, Computing

Stacy Morris, Student Success Center

Valerie Smith, Student Success Center

Aleta Tew, Tanner Center for Human Rights

Andrew DeQuiroz, Marketing & Communications

Madeline Elliott, Political Science

Natalie Richards-Gebbia,  Aerospace Studies 

Council Makeup

  • Minimum of 9 Members, Maximum of 15
  • Appointed by peers (See Election Process below)
  • All members must be current CSBS employees at 0.75 FTE or greater.

Service Terms

  • Two (2) year term with no maximum term limit
  • Maximum of two (2) terms may be served consecutively
  • Members must be re-nominated in order to serve subsequent term

The election process is as follows:

  • Call for nominations via email by the end of May
  • Nomination Period is three weeks and individuals may nominate up to 3 candidates.
  • Nominating staff consists of all full-time and permanent part-time employees at or above 0.50 FTE
  • Nominees must be 0.75 FTE or greater
  • All nominations will be collected and assessed for eligibility by the current Secretary and Co-Chairs.
  • A list of Nominees will be provided to all staff over .50 FTE for votes.
  • A minimum of three (3) individuals who received the greatest number of votes from their peers will be brought to the Dean or their designee for approval.
  • The staff council co-chairs will send joint letters of appointment to the selected individuals, and upon acceptance by the nominee, send a copy to the staff member’s immediate supervisor(s) for final approval.
  • New members are expected to attend the first regular Staff Council meeting after their appointment.


Last Updated: 4/10/24