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Prospective Students

Welcome to the College of Social and Behavioral Science at the University of Utah!

We are focused on creating a social science way of thinking about critical challenges that all of us face in the social and natural world. Our award-winning faculty and students study a wide range of issues including climate and sustainability, social and economic inequality, immigration policies, cultural extinction, technology and society, international security, global trade, early learning and child development, health and well-being, and the roles of gender and ethnicity in society.

Throughout your time in CSBS, you will be challenged to think differently! As a result, you'll become a critical thinker, poised to become one of tomorrow's civically engaged leaders. 

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Get Involved!

Make the most of your time in CSBS with one or more of these opportunities!

Where can U go?

You can go just about anywhere with a CSBS degree, and you don't have to wait till graduation to do so either. Local and national internships are available through the Hinckley Institute of Politics.


What We Offer

  • 12 Majors
  • 11 Minors
  • 11 Master's Programs
  • 6 Ph.D. Programs
  • 10 Specialized Certificates

College Stats

Get to know your instructors! More than 50% of CSBS classes have 30 or fewer students.

In a recent survey, 89% of students rated their undergraduate professors as great or excellent.

CSBS accounts for 3 of the top 10 undergraduate degrees at the U including psychology, economics, and family, community & human development. 

A Guide to Your Future

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GEOGRAPHic information science

Health, society & Policy

political science



Where are they now?

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It's no question that our students go on to do great things. Check out what some of our alumni have done with their CSBS degrees.

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CSBS in the News

Our faculty and students are constantly doing incredible things in areas of research and publications.

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Financial Help

Questions about how you're going to pay for college?

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Last Updated: 12/14/18