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Annual Appeal
December 2017

cynthia berg

Inspiring human solutions to life's challenges #bethesolution

The College of Social and Behavioral Science is focused on addressing today's critical challenges with real-world, human solutions. Our students take courses, are members of research teams, engage in internships, and partner with community members to produce solutions that address a wide array of our most pressing issues in the 21st century.

Thanks to your support, the college continues to produce graduates who truly are the solution to life's challenges.


"Our students come here because they really want to change the world, and they're going to do exactly that."

-Cynthia Berg, CSBS Dean

You can make a difference

Jazmine Beckstrand
2017-2018 Marian Ingham Scholarship Recipient

I am a 20 year-old undergraduate, about to celebrate my first wedding anniversary. It's a wonderful and crazy time of life, and as a first generation college student, I feel especially grateful to attend college.

Jaxon Roller
Environmental and Sustainability Studies
2017-2018 Don and Sue Lewon Scholarship Recipient

Besides my education, my other interests include sustainable communities based around public transportation, clean energy, use of geographical winds, and economies and places that people actually want to participate in.

samantha mold

Samantha Mold
2017-2018 Gayla Dowdle Scholarship Recipient

I plan on working for the FBI one day. Studying Psychology, Sociology and Criminology will provide me with a well-rounded knowledge base needed to do well in the bureau.

CSBS Scholarship Matching

We invite you to take advantage of the College of Social and Behavioral Science matching graduate student scholarship program. Thanks to the ARUP Graduate Fellowship Initiative, all scholarship donations are matched 2 to 1.

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wiw images

Women Inspiring Women

The CSBS Women Inspiring Women initiative aims to address the gender disparity we face at the university related to enrollment and graduation rates. Women enter the University of Utah at lower rates than do men and struggle financially more than men to stay in school.

CSBS is committed to assisting women meet their dreams of completing their education and providing transformative experiences that make them career ready. Through innovative programming connecting women alumni with students, women will have enhanced supports to take fuller advantage of the first-class education at the University of Utah. Women will engage with alumni in structured discussions (e.g., facilitating skills to be an authentic leader) and mentoring programs.

The key barrier women identify to staying in college is adequate financial support.

Funds are needed for two kinds of scholarships:

1. Regular semester based scholarships that address tuition and books

2. Short-term scholarships that are administered via a quick turnaround in response to "emergency" situations that prevent students from staying at the university.

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mohan working with childrenSolutions Scholars

The CSBS Solutions Scholars program within the College of Social and Behavioral Science gives students an opportunity to be the solution to solving today's 21st century challenges. Students will have the opportunity to address key challenges facing our world (immigration, climate change, poverty, human rights, the obesity crisis) from an interdisciplinary perspective. Course instruction together with experiential learning, research, and internship experiences will train students to be the solution to the challenges facing our world. Discover how you can get involved with the CSBS Solutions Scholars program.

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carolyn and kem gardner building rendering

Carolyn and Kem Gardner Commons

Located in the heart of campus, next to the Student Union and Marriott Library, the new Carolyn and Kem Gardner Commons replaces Orson Spencer Hall (OSH). Like OSH, this building will be the campus' main classroom facility annually serving over 20,000 students from 60 different programs.

Students will enjoy:
  • 37 classrooms, 2 auditoriums, and hundreds of student study spaces
  • An entire floor with new laboratories that allow faculty and students to work on human solutions to life's challenges (climate change, income inequality, international security)
  • A new Welcome Center for prospective students and their families
  • New student dining for a growing residential population on campus
  • A collaborative student advising suite for students in the College of Social and Behavioral Science, the U's largest college on campus

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Last Updated: 12/11/17