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Timeline Information

The following timelines for communications requests are useful in making sure we have enough time to prepare everything before your project deadline. In order to review and consider your project, please adhere to the following timeline requirements: 

Summer through early fall

  • Requests must be submitted 3 weeks before the send deadline.
    • Ex: Email to be sent on August 20; request should be submitted by July 30

Late fall through spring

  • Must be requested 4-5 weeks in advance to account for increased requests received by our team.
    • Ex: Email to be sent on January 15; request should be submitted by December 18

Creation, printing and distribution

  • If our team is creating the design of your print piece, please submit a request 6-8 weeks in advance of planned distribution.
    • Ex: Newly-designed flyer to be distributed August 20; request should be submitted by no later than July 9

Printing and mailing ONLY

  • Submit 4 weeks before you'd like the mailer to hit mailboxes or need them in hand.
    • Ex: Request for mailer to be in mailboxes by August 20; request should be submitted by July 23

Dependent on the size of the project, but here are some general estimates.

Small scale updates

  • Turnaround time for most small-scale updates is 1 week

Single page redesign

  • Turnaround time for single page redesigns is 1-2 months. Request must be submitted at least 2 months before the page goes live.

Full website creation or redesign

  • Turnaround time for a full website creation or redesign can range from 2-4 months. Please submit request at least 4 months before needing the page to go live.

All content must be submitted before our team will begin website work.


Timeline determined once request is received.

The creative design and distribution of communications involve a lot of moving parts.
Please keep in mind that creative services (e.g. – graphic design, videography, photography, etc.) and marketing / communication strategies require a minimum of six to eight weeks for each project, depending on scope and the time of year. This time does not include printing and mailing. Please allow an additional 10 business days to account for any print and mailing needs.    

Production of materials will not start until ALL content is received.

Project Review

Please keep in mind that these timelines are tentative. Projects are considered in the context of college priorities, timing, and capacity of the CSBS Marketing & Communications team. We will do our best service all requests, but please be aware that at certain times throughout the year we can’t take on all requests.  

General Information


Project Information

(pdf, doc, docx, ppt)
(provide a detailed description of the project including any relevant messaging, dates, links and tentative structure of content. Is this a new or previous project? For event related requests, please submit a separate request to the CSBS Events Committee)

(Total maximum file upload size for this form is 30MB)

(provide the purpose, strategic goals, and measurable desired outcomes of your project)

(What is your target audience? To whom are we talking? Why is your project relevant to this group of people?)

(What is the total amount available to execute this project?)

(Who has the ‘final say’ in approving this project?)

(Are there any additional people associated with your project that we need to include in communications relating to project updates?)

MM/DD/YYYY (When does this project need to be completed?)

Last Updated: 8/31/22