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CSBS Courses Centered on Issues
of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion


SOC 1111 Intro to Criminal Justice

SOC 3561 Criminology

SOC 3563 Good Cop, Bad Cop: Policing in the U.S

SOC 3564 Locked Up! Courts and Corrections

ANTH 3138 Anthropology of Violence and Non-Violence

ECON 3150 Sex, Drugs and Crime

GEOG 3320 Geography of Terrorism and Homeland Security

POLS 3220 Jurisprudence of Criminal Law

SOC 3560 Deviant Behavior and Social Control

SOC 3565 Women and Crime

SOC 3566 Society and the Criminal Mind

FCS 5370 Family Violence

POLS 5450 Political Violence/Terrorism

SOC 3569 Terrorism, Violence and Aggression

SOC 3570 Gangs and Gang Violence in the U.S.

SOC 3571 Murder in America

SOC 4566 Sexual Assault

SOC 3562 Juvenile Delinquency

POLS 5250 Corrections Administration

SOC 5663 Social Inequality, Crime, Criminal Justice and the Law

ECON 2040 Political Economy of Race, Class and Gender


Diversity and Cultural Studies

SOC 3422 Social Movements

POLS 3827 Lab for Social Change

ANTH 3145 Human Migration and Social Change

ANTH 3140 Peoples and Cultures of Latin America

ANTH 3151 Peoples of the Pacific

ANTH 3126 Mediterranean Cultures

ANTH 3283 Sex and Gender

ANTH 5255 Race and Culture

ANTH 3110 Women Cross-Culturally

ECON 5140 Discrimination in Labor Markets

ECON 5170 Feminist Economics

ECON 5560 Gender and Economic Development

PSY 4450 Intergroup Relations: Prejudices and Stereotypes

SOC 3020 Social Psychology

SOC 3380 Social Inequality

FCS 5282 Conflict and Mediation

ENVST 3365 Environmental Justice

ENVST 5650 Eating for Justice and Health

ENVST/SOC 3720 Environmental Health Disparities

SOC 3200 Diversity and Service Learning

SOC 3337 Gender & Sexuality

SOC 3769 Health Disparities: Race & Ethnicity

SOC 3381 Exploring Inequality through Music and Film

SOC 3310 Latina/o Sociology

FCS 3290 Ethnic Minority Families

FCS 5390 Gender and Minorities Across the Lifespan

POLS 3140 Gender and Politics

POLS 3190 Racial and Ethnic Politics

POLS 3250 Gender, Ethics and Public Policy

PSY 3040 Psychology of Gender

PSY 3450 Cross-Cultural Psychology

PSY 5280 Culture and Diversity

ANTH 1010 Culture and the Human Experience

ANTH 3153 Black Atlantic

ANTH 3154 Brazilian Culture

ANTH 3134 Language, Thought and Culture



Understanding Systems

POLS 3200 Intro to Law and Politics

POLS 5212 Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

POLS 3180 Voting, Elections and Public Opinion

SOC 3568 Sociology of Law

ECON 5380 Law and Economics

ECON 3540 Current Economic Problems

ECON 5180 Poverty and Inequality

ECON 5240 Urban Economics

ECON 3250 Environmental Economics

ECON 3190 Health Economics

FCS 3430 Family Advocacy and Policy

POLS 5120 Judicial Process

SOC 3334 American Class System

GEOG 3340 Geography of Disasters and Emergency Management

GEOG 3420 Political Geography

POLS 3025 Democracy and Social Justice

POLS 3700 Urban Politics

POLS 5211 – Constitutional Law

POLS 5810 – Politics, Groups, & Identities

Last Updated: 3/12/21