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CSBS Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) committee

The CSBS Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee is committed to: a) fostering and advocating for cultural transformation with regard to equity, diversity and inclusion, b) offering resources to students, staff, and faculty to foster a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive campus, and c) standing with disenfranchised communities in ongoing liberation struggles for human rights on campus and off.

Committee Co-Chairs

Kyla Welch

Kyla Welch

Programs Mgr. - Anthropology

Rich Medina

Rich Medina

Associate Prof. - Geography

Aaron Flores

Aaron Flores

PhD Student - Geography


Committee Members


  • Angelina DeMarco, Ph.D Student
  • Kyla Welch, Programs Manager

CSBS Advancement Board

  • Shawn Teigan, Research Director at Utah Foundation


  • Fernando Wilson, Professor

Environmental & Sustainability Studies

  • Adrienne Cachelin, Associate Professor (Lecturer)

Family and Consumer Studies 

  • Sonia Salari, Professor


  • Aaron Flores, Ph.D. Student
  • Richard Medina, Associate Professor

Health, Society & Policy

  • Elizabeth Izampuye, Undergraduate Student
  • Rebecca Utz, Associate Professor

Political Science

  • Ella Myers, Associate Professor
  • Sharon Mastracci, Professor


  • Lisa Aspinwall, Professor


  • Theresa Martinez, Associate Professor

Student Success Center 

  • Ally Maringa, Academic Advising Coordinator


Last Updated: 9/6/23