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Undergraduate Research

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Student Testimonials

Andrew Choi

"For me, the social and psychological coursework came to life through doing research. My mentors in CSBS supported me in developing into a researcher that can independently link observable human behavior and class materials to research questions and real-life applications."

Karen Yu
Health Society and Policy

"Taking part in research has been one of the best experiences I've had at the U. There's only so much you can learn in classes, and it's research that will teach you the rest."

Rachel Wootton
Environmental and Sustainability Studies
Political Science

 "My project gave me one on one experience working with faculty and graduate students in my department in addition to teaching me about accountability and professional research guidelines and expectations. I would recommend that all undergraduate students at the U participate in research during their time here and take advantage of the many sources of funding/support that are available." 

Melanie Cooke
Environmental and Sustainability Studies

"Being an older student, the UROP program was the best thing I have completed in my college career. I think so many older students feel they don't have what it takes or that it's just for the younger, brainy students and I think that is a shame. Working closely with faculty is a great opportunity and gives you a feel for what graduate school is all about." 

Last Updated: 12/18/17