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Student Ambassadors

  • Scholarship of $500 for Fall semester and $500 for Spring semester toward tuition based on experiential learning.
  • Development of personal growth, self-esteem, leadership skills and a professional resume.
  • Experience in public relations and interpersonal skills which helps develop confidence vital to future success in job interviews and career advancement.
  • Broaden networks among University of Utah and College of Social & Behavioral Science alumni, faculty, staff, students, and administration. 
  • Representing the University of Utah and the College of Social & Behavioral Science at recruitment and campus events.
  • Planning, promoting and increasing involvement in student events and opportunities.
  • Providing feedback on university, college and department initiatives.
  • Participating in occasional photo shoots for promotional materials for the College of Social & Behavioral Science.
  • Advising prospective students and parents (in-person and through calling campaigns) relating to the University of Utah and the College of Social & Behavioral Science’s academic programs, faculty, physical facilities, social opportunities, and student services.
  • Attending weekly meetings.
  • Attending special alumni events such as, dean’s distinguished speaker series, scholarship receptions, and award ceremonies.
  • Overall, demonstrating sincerity, enthusiasm, credibility, interest, and helpfulness in all aspects of the Student Ambassador position.
  • Required minimum 60 hours for Fall semester and 60 hours for Spring semester.
  • Time commitment is dictated by events during Fall and Spring semesters.
  • New Student Orientations during June and July provides an additional scholarship towards tuition.  This experiential learning is optional for the summer.
  • Must be a degree seeking student.
  • Must be registered for courses (full or part time) during Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Must be in good academic standing with the University of Utah.
  • Must be a declared major in the College of Social & Behavioral Science.
  • Complete a Student Ambassador Application Packet (avaialble in January). 
  • Dedication to the Ambassador team and ability to commit necessary time to college events and projects
  • Sincere desire and enthusiasm to represent the University of Utah and the College of Social & Behavioral Science.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Listens and relates to people of different backgrounds, values and age groups.
  • Ability to make a positive first impression and to adapt to a variety of situations.
  • Ability to work well with others including being mature, accountable and dependable.

2015-2016 CSBS Student Ambassadors

dayana arreola

Dayana Arreola

I am excited to be one of the 2015-2016 CSBS Student Ambassadors! Being a student ambassador for my college is an opportunity to be a representative of the students in my department within my college. As a student ambassador, my goal is to collaborate with my fellow ambassadors and help create a memorable college experience for the students in our college. I hope to help others find their passions by helping them become involved, take advantage of the opportunities they have within our programs and departments, and to make the most of their college experience.

kayleen chen

Kayleen Chen
Family and Consumer Studies
Health, Society and Policy


I cannot be more than excited to be part of this year's student ambassadors! By taking the chance of getting out of my comfort zone, from being a program director and student board representative at the Bennion Center, inspired me to be here today. I have grown to enjoy the influences I can make on campus and hope to put that same impact here as well. I am currently a senior double majoring in Financial Planning and Health Society & Policy with a minor in Nutrition. My biggest goal is to inspire and encourage students on finding their passions and goals in life. Like my experience, I want to share how much could happen when you are pushed out of your comfort zone and to your limits. In the end, the goal is to make sure there won't be any regrets with their years here in college.

riley greenwood

Riley Greenwood

I am thrilled and consider myself very blessed to have been selected as an ambassador for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Having experienced what many new students are going through in terms of being undecided on a major, adapting to new situations, not knowing where to go for help, etcetera, I am dedicated to helping other students learn, grow, and be successful. I understand the importance of knowing oneself while also networking and working with others. I want to make the same opportunities, experiences, and benefits that I have received as a CSBS major accessible to all students, and will constantly strive to make that happen. A full college experience is more than just coursework; it requires getting involved, pushing your preconceived limits, and diving into new challenges. I look forward to truly making a meaningful impact in the lives of my fellow students.
danielle holiday

Danielle Holliday

As a first generation, non-traditional, minority student I have gained knowledge of how to navigate and reach out to the different resources available on campus. I have been affiliated with laboratory-based research internships through the Department of Pediatrics and the Office of Undergraduate Research and completed a study abroad program in Thailand focusing on Health Promotion Education. I have also had the privilege of representing the University of Utah for two consecutive years as the American Indian Woman Scholar. Currently, I am an AmeriCorps member and a volunteer for Connect 2 Health within the Mother/Baby Unit at the University of Utah hospital. I believe that success comes from the support of the family, friends, and the community and as an ambassador I will be there for my classmates providing the knowledge I have gained through my college experiences.

bill hynes

Bill Hynes

I am honored to be an ambassador for the College of Social and Behavioral Science. I am a psychology major in my 4th year (2nd at the University), and I enjoy striving to answer questions, offer guidance, and provide encouragement to other students in the department. As a transfer student, it quickly became apparent to me that we ambassadors could provide a needed service in assisting students trying to navigate the maze of majors, minors, extra-curricular activities, research opportunities, graduate school, and funding. I believe that the strength of the education a person receives at this university is directly related to the depth of their involvement with their professors, their department, and their college. I'm hoping that by encouraging other students to join our college, engage with their education, and give back to the college and the community, we can help to make their time at the University a more rewarding experience.

hailey ingham

Hailey Ingham

I am honored to serve as a student ambassador for the upcoming school year! The College of Social and Behavioral Science offers something for every student on campus, and through many of these diverse opportunities I can gladly attribute several of my professional and academic experiences. I am excited to help fellow students engage within the college and make it a lasting part of their time at the U. I am looking forward to collaborating with my fellow ambassadors to increase our outreach on campus through events, philanthropic efforts, and social media, as well as bridging the gaps between CSBS alumni, administrators, and students. My goal for this year is to help students find a place within CSBS that will help them accomplish their goals of personal and intellectual growth in their years at the University of Utah.

Jay Jensen
Environmental and Sustainability Studies

"I am privileged to be listed along side the other ambassadors for the College of Social and Behavioral Science, who I've come to know as some of the most kind, talented, outgoing, and ambitious people the University of Utah has to offer. As an ambassador for the CSBS, I hope to work with my fellow ambassadors to expand our connections to the many different services and opportunities on campus, and to help make them available to the large body of students we have here. It is also my hope to assist my peers and the future students of the U in getting the most out of their time here, and especially to get the most out of the CSBS. Through student outreach, philanthropy, social media, research, networking and many projects, I am excited to being apart of this group of students. It is an honor to be a representative of this college and university, I look forward to the coming semesters as a CSBS Student Ambassador."

Christianna Johnson

Christianna Johnson
Political Science

I'm going into my fourth year at the U as a Political Science major also pursuing a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) certificate. In addition to my studies, I am also a member of the Honors College and I am a Program Director and Community Engaged Scholar in the Bennion Center. I chose to attend the University of Utah for a number of reasons: the diversity in programs, academic and engagement centers, professional opportunities, and much, much more. I originally was not sure what I wanted to major in; however, once I completed a local Hinckley Institute internship and participated in Capital Encounter, I realized that Political Science was for me. I always have had a passion for politics and civic engagement, and the many interesting classes and opportunities that I have experienced at the University of Utah and the surrounding community have only solidified my interest in future public service. After graduating, I will pursue a graduate degree in either urban planning, law, or both. Specifically, I want to focus on local food accessibility and national food and hunger policy. Outside of class, I love to ski, bike, hike, and do anything else outdoors. I feel privileged to be a representative of this college and the University of Utah, and I look forward to helping students as a CSBS Student Ambassador.

Nelson Kent
Health, Society and Policy

I am honored to have the privilege to be apart of the Ambassadors for the College of Social and Behavioral Science. Over my past few years here on the Utah campus I have grown a love and passion for engaging the student body and getting them more involved on campus. Being apart of organizations such as the Union Programming Council, The Bennion Center, and Big Brother Big Sister has given me the opportunity to interact with many students and people who are unlike myself and it has been a great learning opportunity for me. My goal is to take all of these experiences I have been apart of and provide the best environment for current and future U students. It's great to be apart of a group who puts the students before themselves, and I am grateful to be able to represent the college of Social and Behavioral Science. GO UTES!

Jean Kim

Jean Kim

The College of Social and Behavioral Science offers students many opportunities to do identity exploration, critical thinking, community engagement, and problem solving on a global level. As an ambassador, I have the privilege of representing the college by engaging students with these opportunities, as well as finding ways to continually improve the undergraduate experience. With the knowledge gained from this position, I intend to serve my peers by acting as a resource and mentor. Overall, I hope to help foster an inclusive and safe community of success. I am incredibly excited to work with my fellow ambassadors to create valuable experiences for students in the 2015 - 2016 year.

natalie de montreux

Natalie de Montreux

I am incredibly honored and excited to be part of the 2015-2016 Student Ambassador team and to be representing the Geography Department within the College. As an Ambassador, I look forward to collaborating with students from other departments and faculty throughout the college in order to show students all of the opportunities available within CSBS and to create more. I hope to show students how being involved in your college greatly enhances your university experience and provides you with great relationships with both peers and faculty. I am looking forward to working in the College Outreach Committee in Mentoring & Service/Community Outreach to show others the many things that they can do within CSBS to have a rewarding time here at the University of Utah.

george rao

George Rao

Being a student ambassador for both the department and the college is definitely a great honor for me. As an international student, I am thrilled to cooperate with other peer student ambassador in developing rich extracurricular activities in the CSBS. During the past three years in the college, I have conducted the academic research with professors, involved in the student advisory committee in addressing students' concerns, and analyzed the social and economic changes in my internship for the local community. This year, I am looking forward to interacting with more students to improve their experience at the CSBS in and outside the class.

maddie walters

Maddie Walters
Political Science and Sociology

Picking a major was one of the most daunting experiences I have ever had. It seemed as though nothing was the perfect fit for me. I knew that I loved interacting with people and that I was passionate about access the higher education and educational policy. Sociology and Political Science seemed like the perfect fit to give a foundation on which I could eventual get at graduate degree in Student Affairs on. I love being involved on campus and the collaboration with students, and faculty. To me being an ambassador is about creating enriching and unique experiences for students to fall in love with their education. I believe that getting a higher education, and the experiences one gains throughout that process is an enrichment that is experienced throughout an entire lifetime. I spend most of my time helping students transition in colleges life as Resident Advisor and Campus Life Mentor, if I can impact one student and help them realize their potential then it is all worth it.

felix vivanco

Felix Vivanco

"I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve as an ambassador for the College of Social and Behavioral Science, and to be more involved more within it. Being part of ASUU, Hispanic Student Business Association, Bennion Center and Greek Row, has helped me become a well-rounded person. Those experiences also helped me obtain education in school and in my community. I hope to apply I've learned from those experiences to this year's ambassador team. I'm excited to help students get a rewarding college experience that goes beyond the classroom."

About the CSBS Student Ambassador Team

The CSBS Ambassadors will assist the College in a number of strategic activities including:

•Student Recruitment
•Student Engagement
•Student Philanthropy
•Career Placement


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