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Smartphones less distracting than car programs

A new study, led by David Strayer, professor of psychology, compared Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto with infotainment systems that came installed with several car makes. It found that CarPlay and Android Auto were 24 percent faster on average than the vehicle systems for making phone calls, and 31 percent faster when programming navigation. Read more.

Other researchers involved with this study

  • Joel M. Cooper, Ph.D., research associate professor of psychology
  • Madeleine M. McCarty
  • Douglas J. Getty
  • Camille L. Wheatley
  • Connor J. Motzkus
  • Kelly L. Mackenzie
  • Sydney M. Loveless
  • Jess Esplin
  • Rachel M. Goethe
  • Francesco Biondi, Ph.D., research assistant professor of psychology

See the full report.

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Last Updated: 6/20/19