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Project Spotlight - Connect 2 Collect

connect 2 collect

Dr. Lori Kowaleski-Jones (Family & Consumer Studies) and Dr. Norm Waitzman (Economics), co-directors of the project Connect to Collect, recently sat down to discuss their ongoing work and the ways their project will help shape the future of Utah families.

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Faculty Feature

Catherine Ruetschlin

Economics faculty member Catherine Ruetschlin spoke about the recent uptick in layoffs occurring in a number of Utah-based companies. Is this a sign of an impending recession or other economic forces at play?

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Student-loan payment pause extension

University Students Debt

Marshall Steinbaum stated, "If we cancel student debt, what that really means is the federal government is choosing not to collect payments from debtors on the debt that's already issued."

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Why do my groceries cost so much?

Grocery Store

Sky-high grocery prices – like so many of our current problems – might just stem from early 2020, when restaurants shut down and consumers became skittish about food prepared outside their own homes.

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