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Team of Interdisciplinary Researchers Receives Grant from Korea Foundation

A team of interdisciplinary researchers from the U (five from CSBS!) recently received grant funding from the Korea Foundation! In partnership with Sun Kyun Kwan University, they will conduct training and implement research on key immigration policy themes: 1) Integration, resettlement, and the role of civil society, 2) Demographic and public health issues surrounding immigrant and refugee populations, and 3) Attitudes, intergroup relations, and foreign policy. Congrats to all! 

Steve Ott (PI), professor of political science
Jesus Valero (Co-PI), assistant professor of political science
Eun Bin Chung (Investigator), assistant professor of political science
Lina Svedin (Investigator), associate professor of political science
Kim Korinek (Investigator), associate professor of sociology
Caren Frost (Investigator), director of the Center for Research on Migration & Refugee and research professor of social work

Last Updated: 3/12/21