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University’s Sustainability Integration Leadership Award 2020

Shane MacfarlanShane Macfarlan of Anthropology has won the University’s Sustainability Integration Leadership Award that recognizes an instructor who successfully integrates sustainability education into their course(s). My favorite elements of Shane’s nominating packet were quotes from students who said:

  • “Any individual’s education can be inspired or deflated by one thing: an educator. An educator can inspire someone to pursue their passion and illuminate new worlds and new ways of being that a student might never have found on their own... The success of an education system is entirely dependent on its educators’ discipline, humility, passion, and communication. Dr. Shane Macfarlan excels in all of these regards”
  • “Shane’s approaches to teaching sustainability are more effective and innovative than any faculty member I’ve met at the University of Utah. He works at the center of dissecting the scientific methods and discoveries of other disciplines involved in the study of sustainability. He synthesizes these larger understandings regarding connections between environments, society, and economies in all aspects of his classes, and he gives students the examples with which to investigate these connections themselves.”




Last Updated: 3/12/21