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June 2013 Newsletter


College Kudos

Students Present Research

The CSBS Student Research Day was held on April 25 in the Marriott Library. Both undergraduate and graduate students discussed their latest findings in research from all different areas of the college. Visit our Facebook page to view pictures of the event.

Undergraduate Winners
1st Place: Vanessa Chavez & Kelsey Howard
2nd Place: Mallory Rogers
3rd Place (tie): Tristan McIntosh, Yotam Livnat

Graduate Winners
1st Place: Yiqing Yang
2nd Place: James Arnold
3rd Place: Jennifer Taber

Jim Allen Joins National Academy of Sciences

Adjunct anthropology professor Jim Allen has been elected as a foreign associate of the US National Academy of Sciences. Allen joins three other members from the U including Henry Harpending, Kristen Hawkes, and James O’Connell.

Sarita Gaytán Receives Honor

Sarita Gaytán's essay The Paradox of Protection: National Identity, Global Commodity Chains, and the Tequila Industry has been unanimously chosen as the “best paper in social science,” for the Mexico Section of the Latin American Studies Association.

University of Utah Awards

  • Gina Shipley: The Faculty Mentor of the Year Award
  • CSBS Student Ambassadors: The Commitment to Service Award
  • Bobbi Davis: Outstanding Academic Advisor Award
  • Bert Uchino: Distinguished Scholarly and Creative Research Award

Read more about these award recipients.

College of Social and Behavioral Science Awards

Staff Excellence Award: Shelley Kruger

Superior Teaching Awards: Lisa Aspinwall & Simon Brewer

Superior Research Awards: Wade Cole and Bert Uchino


2013-2014 Graduate School Fellowships and Assistantships

University of Utah Teaching Assistants
Serhun Al-political science
Kimberly Bowen-psychology

Graduate Research Fellowships
Holly Rau-psychology
Diksha Arora-economics

Mariner S. Eccles Fellows
Carrie Humphreys-political science


2013 Undergraduate and Graduate Convocations

Over 1400 undergraduate students and 150 graduate students earned a degree from CSBS this year. As a way of honoring both groups for their achievements, two separate convocations were held on May 1 and May 3. Watch the undergraduate convocation. During the graduate convocation ceremony, professor and this year’s recipient of both the CSBS Superior Teaching Award and University Distinguished Scholarly and Creative Research Award, Bert Uchino spoke about mentoring the next generation of scientists. Watch the graduate convocation.

Professor Discusses Importance of Research

After receiving both the University Distinguished Scholarly and Creative Research Award and the CSBS Superior Research Award this year, psychology professor Bert Uchino was asked to give a few words at graduate convocation on his experience with research and why people should get involved. Watch now.

Distinguished Alumni Luncheon

As a part of a yearly tradition, CSBS recognizes members of alumni that have gone above and beyond in their post-collegiate lives. This year’s award recipients include Natalie Gochnour, newly appointed associate dean of the college of business, and long-time donor and CSBS Advisory Board member Vico Henriques, both of which were honored at a luncheon held on May 2. Watch the highlights.

CSBS Alum Delivers Speech on Giving Back

CSBS Alum and scholarship donor Stirling Pack delivered a speech at this year's CSBS Awards Dinner. Watch as he discusses his outstanding ties to the U and why he continually gives back.   

CSBS Student Ambassadors Year Recap

In its third year as an established team, the CSBS Student Ambassadors were put to work as they were once again charged with helping out the college in a number of strategic activities including student philanthropy, recruitment and engagement. The team didn’t waste any time, quickly jumping on the tasks they were given by organizing several projects and events throughout the year. Read more about their year and meet the 2013-2014 team.

Berg and Forster Take on CSBS

Psychology professor Cindy Berg and geography professor Rick Forster will serve as interim dean and associate dean for the College of Social and Behavioral Science as the search for replacements of David Rudd and Jeff Kentor are underway. Find out more about Berg and Forster.

Uninsured Linked with Late Stage Diagnosis

Geography professor Kevin Henry discusses the connection between neighborhood poverty and health insurance with relation to stage diagnosis of breast cancer. Read more.

Professor Speaks Out Against Pipeline

Before Gov. Herbert ultimately decided against the water pipeline in Snake Valley, environmental and sustainability studies director Dan McCool shared his opinion with the Salt Lake Tribune.

The Last of the Hunter-Gatherers

Listen as anthropologist Kevin Jones discusses the “Shrinking Jungle” with KUER’s RadioWest.

Immigration Politics and the Prevailing Wage

Economics professor Peter Philips discusses the prevailing wage regulations to a guest worker program that is currently under consideration.

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