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Tomas Limbos

Tomas Limbos

BS Political Science; MS History; MS Political Science
College Dean
University of Pangasinan in the city of Dagupan

Born the ninth of 18 pregnancies, Tomas Zamora Limbos was the only surviving child into adulthood. He lost several of his siblings to the Cholera Epidemic in the Philippines. In order to save their son, Limbos' parents pooled their money together and sent him to the USA. He worked as a house servant for Dr. Walter M. Stookey in the Gilmore Park Historic District. In return, Dr. Stookey financed his undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Utah.

Limbos graduated with a B.S. in 1932 and a M.S. in history and political science in 1933. He moved back to the Philippines to help his parents and eventually married, had eight kids, and served as a College Dean at the University of Pangasinan in the city of Dagupan.


Last Updated: 3/12/21