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Bright Future Foundation

Friend of CSBS

The Bright Future Foundation is a registered US non-profit organization and works to make a quality education more readily accessible to students domestically and those living in developing nations.  This effort is based on the belief that education empowers individuals to pull themselves out of poverty.  Students across the globe share the desire to learn. However, children coming of age amid ever-evolving socio-economic systems are fighting an uphill battle. They come from families of hard-working parents who, nevertheless, cannot afford to properly educate their children. The Foundation believes opportunity belongs to the working poor as much as it belongs to the wealthy, and focuses its efforts on helping poor students in the US and China pay for a higher education.  Although the Foundation cannot single-handedly correct struggling educational systems or rid the world of poverty, it strives to help individuals transcend circumstances that are beyond their control. 



Last Updated: 3/12/21