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Sustainability Pledge

"I pledge to consider the impacts my job and lifestyle have on social equity and the environment.
I will try to improve both of these aspects through individual and collective actions.”


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What is the Sustainability Pledge?

In conjunction with the Graduation Pledge Alliance, the College of Social & Behavioral Science seeks to build a global community committed to social and environmental responsibility in the workplace and through individual action to build a healthy, sustainable, and just world. The Sustainability Pledge asks individuals to consider the impacts their job and lifestyle has on social equity and the environment and encourages them to improve both of these aspects through individual and collective actions. 

Those who commit to The Sustainability Pledge can pick up a green cord to wear at commencement and convocation to symbolize their commitment. Pledgers will be recognized at the College of Social & Behavioral Science's Convocation



Who can take the pledge?

Any and all graduating seniors, graduate students, staff, and faculty within the College of Social & Behavioral Science.

Only one green cord is awarded per student (not multiple per each major/degree)


Where do I pick up my green cord?

Once the pledge is taken, you can pick up your green cord in one of the following ways:

  • At the Graduation Celebration and Resource event for CSBS: Tuesday April 18th from 10am-2pm in the outdoor plaza between LNCO and GC (if case of inclement weather, in LNCO 2110)
  •  In the Sustainability Office: during their business hours located in BU C 50. The last day for pick-up at the Sustainably Office is Reading Day, Wednesday April 26th. Cords will not be available anywhere after April 26.

Recycle your green cord

If you would like to recycle your green cord for the use of future sustainability pledge graduates, you may return the cords anytime to the Sustainability Office, BU C Room 50, during their business hours. 

Why should I take the pledge?

This short video, created by the University of Utah's Sustainability Office, summarizes why graduating seniors are in ideal position to help build a healthy, sustainable, and just world.


Sustainably Campus Initiative Fund

The cords were first funded through a student-driven proposal to the Sustainably Campus Initiative Fund, the grant and was awarded to pilot the Sustainably Pledge in CSBS for its 50th anniversary as a college. Sydney Boogaard, now an Environmental & Sustainably Studies and Health Society & Policy alumna, took initiative with this proposal and CSBS continues to commit to Sydney’s efforts, as well as the efforts of all students, staff and faculty in the college to make sustainable solutions to the grand challenges we face.

Last Updated: 3/15/23