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Lisa DiamondNew research led by distinguished professor of Psychology and Gender Studies, Dr. Lisa Diamond, found that nearly half of Utah women have experienced chronic unsafety at some point in their lives. Nearly 15% currently feel chronically unsafe. Her report was recently released by the Utah Women in Leadership Project.  

 Dr. Diamond recently sat down with KUER to discuss her work.

As Dr. Diamond notes, “One of the things that does make Utah distinct are its demographics in terms of race and ethnicity. Individuals that have very clear distinctions between minority and major majority groups make it more clear to marginalized folks that they aren't the majority, that they are on the outside, that they are different. I also think that religious cultures in general can offer both tremendous safety for those who are within that tradition and unsafety for those who are questioning the tradition or feel themselves on the outside of that tradition.”

listen to dr. diamond's interview here

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