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2023 CSBS Distinguished Alumni Awards
Caroline Gleich - B.S. '89, Anthropology

Caroline GleichCaroline Gleich has channeled her dual passions for adventure and activism into a successful career as professional ski mountaineer, endurance athlete, and advocate.

As a U student, she planned her class schedule to maximize days skiing, hiking, and mountaineering. Academics became another adventure; Caroline took whatever courses sounded most interesting. That exploration led her to majoring in anthropology and to political activism.

Her athletic accomplishments – from exploring towering peaks like the Himalayas’ Everest and Cho Oyu, to becoming the first woman to ski all the lines in the Wasatch Front’s “Chuting Gallery” – have garnered her worldwide acclaim. But equally as impressive is how she’s leveraged those achievements for change.

Through her public platform of close to 250K social media followers, Caroline creates engaging content across multiple platforms to amplify the voices of athletes, elected officials, and scientists, discussing the transformative power of sports and advocating for social and environmental justice. Through her testimonies to the United States Congress, she has shed light on the urgent issue of climate change and its impact on snow sports.

Caroline’s journey has been defined by her fearless pursuit of new experiences and her unwavering dedication to making a difference. Overcoming personal challenges and channeling her passion for exploration, she has become a role model for others. With her relentless advocacy, she merges athleticism with activism, inspiring countless individuals to face their fears and create positive change in their communities.

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