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Army ROTC scores 3rd highest Order of Merit List score in the country

Parisa Kaliush

One of the most important statistics is the fact that Army ROTC maintained an above average Order of Merit List score (the amount of points they earn through evaluations, physical fitness and academics) as compared to programs across the country. 

The National Average is 52.93, whereas Army ROTC students at the U score on average 56.59 which is a 1.5 point increase from last year and is the 3rd highest average among the 36 schools within our geographical footprint (OK, TX, AR, CO, WY, UT).  Here is the report:

An annual review conducted by United States Army Cadet Command (USACC) and gives metrics for each school within a geographic footprint. 

BLUF: The Army ROTC Program at the University of Utah continues to operate well above the national average of schools due to the efforts internal and external to the program, with the assistance and support of the CSBS office! 


  1. % of Graduates from our 3 schools that are STEM (25.11% National Average)- University of Utah 31% (+ 10% over last 3 years).  
  2. UofU ROTC STEM Graduation Rate:  (22.91% National Average)- University of Utah 24.1% (+2.5% over last 3 years)
  3. Retention of Students Freshman-Sophomore (84.5% National Average)- University of Utah 89.2% (+.5% over last 3 years) This is also the highest of the 36 programs in our footprint encompassing OK, TX, AR, CO, WY and AZ and UT.




Last Updated: 9/29/21