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2018 Superior Research Awards Announced

Sarah Creem-Regehr and Elizabeth ConradtCongratulations to the following individuals for their receipt of the Superior Research Awards in CSBS!

Sarah Creem-Regehr, Professor of Psychology, Senior Category for her work on how perception and action interact to develop theories and basic mechanisms of perception-action processing.  Her application of these theories to real-world problems has  been regularly externally funded by NSF.    

Elizabeth Conradt, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Junior Category for her work on how prenatal and postnatal programming in the context of the early caregiving environment shapes childhood mental health outcomes.  Her work has been funded by NIH.

Finalists this year
Brent Steele, Professor of Political Science, Senior Category
Trafton Drew, Professor of Psychology, Junior Category

Special thanks go to Associate Dean Rick Forster and the CSBS Research Committee for selecting this year’s recipients.

Last Updated: 4/10/18