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Brian Haslam

Brian Haslam

BS Geography; MS Geography
President | CEO
Cityworks | Azteca Systems, Inc.

Brian Haslam earned his bachelor's degree from Geography in 1986, followed by his master's degree from Geography with a GIS emphasis in 1990 from the University of Utah. 

In 1986, he established Azteca Systems, Inc. to provide mapping update services for the US Forest Service Geometronics national mapping center located in Salt Lake City, Utah. From 1988 to 1994, Haslam was the Director of the DIGIT Lab at the University of Utah, and from 1990 - 1994, he taught for the geography department as an associate instructor. In 1991, he developed for Salt Lake City Public Utilities the first interface between ESRI GIS software and a computer maintenance management system. 

In 1996, Haslam created and marketed Cityworks Public Asset Management Suite, a software that pioneered the GIS-centric paradigm and approach for asset management, permits and licensing for local governments, municipalities, public works and utilities. 

Cityworks has been successfully adopted by over 500 licensed organizations all over North America and internationally.


Last Updated: 3/12/21