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Financial Aid: 2016-2017 CSBS Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships

Scholarship Information:

The scholarship application process for Dean's Office Scholarships within the College of Social and Behavioral Science (CSBS) has changed for the 2016-2017 academic year. The scholarship application must be completed online (please do not print and hand write an application as this will not be accepted).

For Dean's Office scholarships, you must be a declared major in one of the degree-granting departments of the College of Social and Behavioral Science:

      • Anthropology
      • Economics
      • Environmental and Sustainability Studies
      • Ethnic Studies
      • Family and Consumer Studies
      • Gender Studies
      • Geography
      • Health Society and Policy
      • Political Science
      • Public Administration
      • Public Policy
      • Psychology
      • Sociology

View Scholarships Currently offered by the college and Departments

If you wish to apply for scholarships available in a specific department or program within the college, you will need to apply through the department/program's application forms and meet their criteria for consideration. Please visit your department/program's website for more information (see bullet points above for specific departments and programs under CSBS).

Those who are awarded both Dean's Office and department/program scholarships must choose which scholarship they wish to receive. You cannot hold both a Dean's Office and department/program scholarship simultaneously. However, you may apply for other scholarships through the University Financial Aid and Scholarships Office. Subject to the approval of the University Financial Aid and Scholarships Office, scholarships from other areas on campus may be held together with Dean's Office Scholarships.

Please note that in addition to the application, two letters of recommendation are required. At least one letter must be from an academic source. Both letters must be on official letterhead and signed or they will not be considered. Please remember to select people who know you well enough to offer thoughtful and meaningful comments about you and your abilities. Letters must be submitted to Glenn Gordon at

Applications will be available on February 1, 2017 for undergraduate scholarships and March 1, 2017 for graduate scholarships.

For more information and questions on the scholarship process, please visit our FAQ page or contact Glenn Gordon at

Last Updated: 10/27/16