• Farewell to OSH Starts Soon

    Farewell to OSH starts soon! Be sure to stop by for free food and a chance to walk the halls of this historic building for one of the last times before demolition!

  • How Our Mind Rejuvenates Itself

    David Strayer, a cognitive psychologist at the University of Utah, has a unique way of studying the prefrontal cortex. You can read more here.

  • Ute Hedgehog Goes Viral

    Have you seen the new celebrity around campus, Mr. Hodge Huffington?

  • Least and Most Federally Dependent States

    Political science professor Rick Green spoke about what states receive the least and most federal support, as well as his thoughts on the matter.


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The College of Social and Behavioral Science serves over 25% of the University of Utah's Students. The college currently offers 40 degrees.

  • 12 Undergraduate Degrees
  • 15 Master's Degrees
  • 5 Ph.D. Degrees
  • 8 Specialized Certificates

CSBS accounts for five of the Top 10 Majors including economics, human development and family studies, political science, psychology and sociology.

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Alumni, Emeriti & Friends

Irwin Altman

Irwin Altman

Irwin Altman earned a bachelor's from New York University in 1951. He continued to pursue his studies in psychology at the University of Maryland, where he earned a master's and a Ph.D. in 1957. Irv came to the University of Utah in 1969 as a professor of psychology and a professor of family and consumer studies. He was recognized for contributions as a teacher and a researcher when he was awarded the U's highest faculty honor, the Rosenblatt Prize, in 1988. Irv's administrative service at the U included chairperson for the Department of Psychology, dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Science, and vice president for academic affairs.