Spotlight: Phyllis Hockett

Phyllis Hockett is a dedicated philanthropist, and believes in the transformative power of generosity – the generosity of volunteers and of donors. Her philosophy of nonprofit sustainability is founded on the principle of abundance and the enormous potential that generosity holds for our world and the nonprofit organizations that serve it.

Hockett is co-founder of the nonprofit consulting firm, Pathway Associates. With almost thirty years experience, she has worked for and consulted with over one hundred organizations, many for multiple years, while coaching and guiding them to more sustainable futures. She has worked with her clients through the many challenges and opportunities presented during the natural evolution of nonprofits. From founding to maturity, from financial insecurity to sustainability, from volunteer founders to engaged board and professional staff – she's experienced these stages first hand. Under her passionate leadership, these organizations have become sustainable and better able to meet their missions. In collaboration with her clients, she has raised over $260 million.

Hockett is a veteran social sector consultant who focuses on aligning organizational mission with strategic objectives, then setting clear pathways to accomplish those objectives. She accomplishes this through:
1. collaborative Board and staff engagement
2. comprehensive organizational strategic planning
3. fundraising strategic planning
4. creating Board of Directors policies and procedures that clearly define roles and responsibilities, and,
5. evaluating and implementing financial resource planning for long-term organizational sustainability.

Hockett holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics and French from Florida State University and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Utah. Following her undergraduate work, Hockett was a White House Fellow. She has since pursued extensive postgraduate training in nonprofit studies and strategic planning. Recently, she was a Fellow at the internationally recognized Stanford University Graduate School of Business Nonprofit Leadership Institute.

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