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Annual Appeal
December 2018


cynthia berg

Inspiring human solutions to life's challenges #bethesolution

The College of Social and Behavioral Science is focused on addressing today's critical challenges with real-world, human solutions. Our students take courses, are members of research teams, engage in internships, and partner with community members to produce solutions that address a wide array of our most pressing issues in the 21st century.

Thanks to your support, the college continues to produce graduates who truly are the solution to life's challenges. As you consider your year-end giving, I hope that you will consider one of the opportunities below to partner with us. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

"Our students come here because they really want to change the world, and they're going to do exactly that."

-Cynthia Berg, CSBS Dean

solutions scholars


Solutions Scholars gives undergraduate students research opportunities that would traditionally only be open to advanced graduate students. Each year, CSBS identifies a cohort of approximately 20 undergraduates who are committed to addressing key challenges facing our world. They then work to tackle problems like water scarcity, the obesity crisis, poverty, human rights, and more through an interdisciplinary approach with expert faculty from multiple colleges. Course instruction together with experiential learning, research and internship experiences help develop the skills needed to be the solution to the most pressing issues of our day.

give today


Social and Behavioral Science is the largest college on campus, consistently graduating nearly 1/3 of all undergradate students. We strive to provide scholarship support to as many of our students as possible. With your help we can help even more. Please give today!


arlene cook

Arlene Cook
Political Science
2018-2019 Oakley J. Gordon Memorial Scholarship Recipient

I applied for this scholarship thinking it would be a financial benefit, but had no idea how much I would benefit emotionally from it as well. I have never been awarded a scholarship and I didn’t realize the magnitude of emotions that would swell in my heart realizing someone is placing their confidence in me.

ronak intwala

Ronak Intwala
2018-2019 Giles W. and Elise G. Mead Scholarship Recipient

I was originally a chemistry major but then switched to anthropology.
I feel that anthropology will be useful in the future by helping me to become a more personable doctor. Because of my late switch into anthropology, I had to take an extra year in order to finish my degree. My parents and I are saving up for medical school too, so this scholarship helped us save more for that.

elizabeth valle

Elizabeth Valle
Political Science, Sociology,
& International Studies

2018-2019 Chris and Katherine Howells Scholarship Recipient

The support this scholarship provides will allow me to contribute my enthusiasm, talents, and abilities to grow as a person at the University of Utah. Instead of working hours off campus, I will be able to engage on campus and supplement my educational trajectory as well as an opportunity to learn new tactics that will allow me to contribute to my community efforts.

carolyn and kem gardner commons


Carolyn & Kem Gardner Commons is CSBS’s new home. Its classrooms, labs, meeting spaces offer students and faculty the resources they need to address issues affecting us all. In our final push to complete the capital campaign for the building, you can now double any gift you make. Through the generosity of the Jeff and Sarah Scott Family, your gift for Gardner Commons will be doubled dollar for dollar up to $50,000 total.

Those supporting Gardner Commons with a gift of $500 or more by December 31, 2018 will be recognized on a special donor wall within the new building. Thank you for helping us inspire a new student experience for generations to come.

Give Today!

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