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Cathleen D. Zick
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies and Faculty Affairs


  • Undergraduate education (e.g., course planning and scheduling, online education initiatives)
  • Chair of Curriculum Committee
  • MUSE
  • Ambassador program
  • UROP
  • Community outreach
  • Teaching award committee
  • Undergraduate grievance issues
  • Interdisciplinary teaching initiatives
  • Academic Senate Elections
  • Retention, Promotion & Tenure (RPT) Committee
  • University Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee Elections (UPTAC)


Cathleen D. Zick is a family and consumer economist interested in household time allocation, household structure and economic well-being, and family/consumer policy. She has taught a number of different classes over the past 34 years including: Family Economic Resources (FCS 3450), Consumers, Markets and Government (FCS 3450/5440), Family Policy (FCS 6200), Research Methods (FCS 3200), and Families and Economic Policy (FCS 6400/5400). Her current courses are Program and Policy Evaluation (FCS/PUPBL/PADMN 6563) and Families, Consumers, and Health (FCS 5430).

Dr. Zick's currently funded research focuses on assessing working families' child care needs (sponored by Utah Department of Workforce Services).   She also has a seed grant from the University of Utah to examine historical changes in women's time spent in food-related activities using data from 6 different time use surveys spanning 80 years.  Her work with Drs. Kowaleski-Jones, Fan, Smith, Hanson, and Brown on the neighborhood correlates of obesity risk has been funded by NIDDK.  Finally, she is working with Drs. Waitzman, Buder, Simonsen, and Digre on assessing the cost effectiveness of an intervention to improve high risk minority women's diet and physical activity that was funded by the Women's Office of Health.

Areas of past research include (1) assessing the economic value of household work, (2) examining how later-life events (e.g., retirement, death of a spouse) affect economic planning and health, and (3) determining the impact of deregulation on consumer welfare.

Dr. Zick's work has been published in such journals as, Pediatrics, Social Science and Medicine, Health AffairsEthnicity and Health, International Journal of Obesity, American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Youth and Society, Public Health Nutrition, Demography, The Journal of Consumer Affairs, Journal of Marriage and the Family, Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences, Social Science Research, and the Journal of Family and Economic Issues. She serves on the editorial boards of Journal of Marriage and Family.

From 1997 to 2005, Dr. Zick was chair of the Department of Family and Consumer Studies.  From 2005-2012, she directed the Master in Public Policy program.  In 2014 she became associate dean in the College of Social and Behavioral Science.  She served on the Board of Directors for the American Council on Consumer Interests (ACCI) from 1990-92 and again in 2000-2002.  From 2005-2008, she was the President-Elect, President, and Past-President of ACCI.  In 2003, she was the recipient of the College of Social and Behavioral Science Superior Research Award.

More details can be found at Dr. Zick's faculty page

Last Updated: 6/25/19